In 2012 more than $37 billion were spent on ads in the US, with more than 5 trillion display ad impressions served. And, while consumers see 63 ads per day on average only about 8% are clicking on those ads.

by Kristina Knight

This problem is highlighted in a new infographic out from Infolinks, which shows that half of US consumers aren’t click on banner ads at all. The research also shows that nearly all ad revenue (90%) is coming from about 25% of the ads served. Part of this is because consumers are so overloaded by ads that they simply don’t see them, another issue is relevance. One new platform is setting up to help brands increase the relevancy of ads by building on news and other events.

Just in time for the busy summer season, NetSeer has release a new product set up to boost the relevance and timeliness of ads based on events and news. While the summer months may be slower months for many consumers, the season doesn’t slow down when it comes to other events.
Called the Rapid Response Digital Advertising Service, the platform advertisers and media buyers can place ads strategically based on a news or events cycle, complementing the brands’ existing media channels and buys.

“In the age of 24/7 news reporting and social journalism, which fuel high expectations around real-time marketing and communications, Rapid Response offers a powerful paid-media channel to amplify controlled, appropriate messaging in the marketplace. This is particularly advantageous if a crisis occurs or a strategic branding opportunity arises suddenly,” said John Mracek, CEO of NetSeer. “Because NetSeer is nimble, we can act quickly as an ad partner for preparedness: either ahead of time for an anticipated event with an unpredictable outcome, or in a crisis communications situation resulting from unforeseeable circumstances.”

When might this kind of ad buy work? One example would be a credit card company’s security breach; an identity protection firm might choose to use that event to advertise their existing consumer protection services.