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Today, we officially rolled out a major enhancement to our mobile content-monetization suite for publishers. Our new FixedLinks service is geared for the specific needs of mobile Web content – blending the power of search links with pitch-perfect contextual alignment. This is a great way for publishers thinking ‘outside the app’ to drive exceptional click-through rates.

FixedLinks features an “adhesive” design – whereby search links remain anchored to the bottom of the screen, while readers scroll through the related article. One of the best things about FixedLinks is also the most simple: its display. In the same vein as InImageLinks – the editorial-image monetization service we introduced last month – less is more on screen. FixedLinks nixes content clutter by surfacing just a few spot-on topics that really perform.

In fact, FixedLinks is showing a 3-4X improvement in performance over non-adhesive ad units, and generating click-through rates of more than 3%.

Here are a few ways NetSeer FixedLinks boosts the bottom line of your mobile Web content:

– Performance – Big revenue impact with a small footprint
– Viewable – Clean and simple interface constantly stays in view
– Responsive – Looks sharp on any tablet or mobile device
– Streamlined – Designed for fast, simple deployment

In the words of one of our pre-release partners:

“As a mobile-minded publisher, NetSeer FixedLinks delivers a high-quality, engaging reader experience for SymptomFind that aligns with our commitment to usability,” said Daniel Washburn, VP, North America at Value Click Brands/Ask Media Group (a division of IAC). “We were very impressed with the ease of deployment and started seeing performance results immediately.”

Like all NetSeer products, FixedLinks is powered by our patented ConceptGraph intent engine. Concepts, our fundamental units of intent, emulate the associations that form naturally in your mind between words and ideas. This makes them ideal for unearthing relevant, related topics.

There are over 200 million wireless subscribers in the U.S., and it’s this audience that is responsible for an increasing percentage of our publisher traffic – up to 30% in major markets. We’re helping publishers generate more mobile revenue by providing optimized visibility and highly relevant links tuned to the surrounding content, just like we’ve done on the desktop with ConceptLinks.

What will we think up next? We’re always innovating, and looking for new ways to bring value to our publisher partners. Now’s a great time to get started with FixedLinks.

Image courtesy of SymptomFind