By: Brian McAllister, VP, Media Operations, NetSeer

Let’s say you’re an advertiser running 1,000 online ads, and I told you that 999 of those ads were a complete waste of time because they weren’t converting. You’d reply that all 1,000 ads are valuable because they’re all hitting consumers during different points of the purchase funnel.

Then why are you still using last-click attribution, which pins all value on that .1% conversion rate? You’d have better returns playing the lottery!

Alas, last-click attribution is extremely inefficient. It also leads vendors to prioritize serving that last ad to users at the lowest possible rate right before they convert – at the expense of all the other ads along the way that have influenced the purchase decision.

The same goes for last-click attribution’s close cousin – last-view attribution.

And, since the most common online activity for most people is checking emails or using Facebook, guess what? Those are the vehicles where most people happen to make their last click or view before they convert!

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