By Brian McAllister

Vice president of media operations; Netseer

Have you been pouring your ad campaigns into the hackneyed “marketing funnel“? You know, hitting contextual content at the wide upper funnel, lookalike marketing in the broad funnel middle, and then persistent retargeting over and over again until conversions somehow squeeze out through the small lower funnel?

If so, perhaps you should try using what might be called the “marketing cylinder.” This holistic model actually uses the long-hyped promise of integrated digital marketing – where all the content and data amassed by all your marketing is continually poured back into the mix. Conversions can come at any level of the process. So, instead of a small hole at the bottom of the funnel, picture a bunch of much smaller holes all along the sides of the cylinder.

The marketing “funnel” long ago stopped being a linear process. But too many marketers still see it that way – and run their campaigns accordingly.

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