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AdMonsters interview with Corbis’ Sascha Weis and Rich Reiter on the Corbis/NetSeer partnership and in-image advertising strategies:

The challenge for digital publishers, in a nutshell: Keep your business profitable enough to continue producing quality content, via an ad-supported model… while acknowleding users’ awareness of, and frequent resistance to, being advertised to… while also confronting advertisers’ increasing hesitancy to pay for any ad space users can’t see easily… without getting in the way of users’ ability to consume the content they want.

Running that obstacle course, any chance publishers have to solve more than one of those problems at once is probably worth pursuing. And for Corbis, a company known to many publishers for its extensive image licensing services, there’s real promise in allowing its publisher partners to gain revenue through in-image advertising. Corbis partnered with NetSeer, using NetSeer’s technology to deliver targeted, contextually relevant ads over images. I wanted to find out what goals Corbis was aiming for in this business partnership with NetSeer, not to mention what Corbis’ publisher partners were getting out of it, so I took some time to talk with Sascha Weis, Corbis’ SVP, Global Images Sales, and Rich Reiter, Corbis’ Business Development Director, Digital. Here’s what they had to say.

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