Build a bigger, better funnel


Advertising, meet your editorial match

Catch mindset in the moment. Our ConceptGraph makes a laser-sharp contextual match to ensure each campaign impression is aligned directly adjacent to highly topical, targeted content.


Power to the premium

Effective targeting goes hand-in-hand with top-quality content. It all starts here, since we know the editorial company you keep reflects on your brand.


Cookies need not apply

NetSeer BRAND offers a cookie-free targeting option that bypasses personal digital tracks entirely. Perfect for any scenario where consumer privacy is paramount, as well as highly regulated industries that face unique ad-targeting constraints – such as finance and pharmaceutical companies.


Built-in brand protection

NetSeer’s campaign targeting algorithms vet all content from the start, as a preemptive strike against harmful content. This goes leaps beyond basic brand-safety to shield advertisers from sensitive topics and dubious domains, too.


The brand metric system

Measurement matters for every marketer. We offer an optional Vizu companion study to help quantify how far you’ve shifted the needle on consumer perception against your key campaign and purchase funnel objectives.

Concept targeting can
help you ace your client’s next campaign