Direct audiences to the right response


Where insight meets intent

Our ConceptGraph™ is highly attuned to audience intent. Because true mindset often lies below the surface, it requires giant data and some seriously powerful logic to make the real connection between audience attributes and actions online. It’s our deeper understanding of the meaning behind those actions that gives us a predictive edge and an informed picture of your target customer.


Assertive optimization, outsized performance

Our Concept targeting algorithms detect product affinities and considerations to home-in on audiences most receptive to your campaign offer – across millions of brand-safe pages every day. We combine a cross-section of data sources: online behaviors; contextual and temporal signals; and proprietary search insights from our publisher platform to create a clear, actionable picture of audience intent. NetSeer’s perpetual optimization engines ensures the results are there for whatever action your campaign is designed to achieve.


Audience amplification with lookalikes

It goes to 11. Our lookalike audience targeting expands your universe of prospects with the greatest potential to become new customers. Proprietary pattern recognition dissects and interprets the attributes that lead to successful conversions, and how to best reach lookalike audiences online. Our predictive algorithms create a virtuous cycle of performance, becoming increasingly accurate and refined over time.


Audiences are people, not categories

Concept targeting works like your mind, forming natural associations between ideas and things. This gives Concepts a leg-up on basic audience segments that use static categories to lump individuals into predefined groups. With more than 52 million unique Concepts, NetSeer offers you tons of customization options and greater targeting accuracy than you’ll find with the artificial constraints of content and audience classification systems.

Concept targeting can
help you ace your client’s next campaign