Your NetSeer Product implementation is simple; the technology behind it is anything but.

NetSeer Products take their cues from Concepts – NetSeer’s fundamental units of intent. Far more precise than keywords or social graphs, Concepts work like the human brain to form natural associations between ideas and words. It’s our superior understanding of intent that unlocks value and revenue for page content and user intent.

All Concepts are contained in NetSeer’s patented ConceptGraph™ to create a rich, expressive intent network backed by Big Data. To date we’ve identified 52 million unique Concepts and 2.3 billion relationships between Concepts, and counting. We’ve also mapped the intent behind trillions of pages, and hundreds of millions of users and we continually evaluate the millions of new pages and user activities that occur every day.

Context is among the strongest indicator of intent
The content a reader is consuming in the moment is one of the purest expressions of mindset. In order to capture readers in this “intent zone”, NetSeer extracts the most prominent Concepts from a page – along with all connected ideas. Our smart Concept-based algorithms then predict related intent with amazing accuracy to serve-up the most relevant and high performing ad.

Different than anything else out there
We believe there’s more than one way to read a page. Everyone’s familiar with the keyword, and the promise of semantic is always a rolling few years away. We’re looking at the problem differently. NetSeer is convinced that Concepts deliver better accuracy and mindset-matching, and have years of performance to prove it.

Whereas keywords are rife with ambiguity and need a literal one-to-one match and semantic solutions are rooted in hard-coded classification systems, Concepts take a more human approach by “reading between the lines” for deeper meaning than words on a page alone. Highly predictive and accurate, Concepts unlock the intent behind the content.