Come on in and meet the team.

  • john-Mracek

    John Mracek Chief Executive Officer

  • Behnam-Rezaei-

    Behnam Rezaei Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

  • DrVwani

    Dr. Vwani Roychowdhury Co-founder and Chief Scientist

  • Dennis-Clerke

    Dennis Clerke President of Monetization

  • Brett Finkelstein

    Brett Finkelstein VP Media Sales

  • Amir Bakhshaie

    Amir Bakhshaie Senior Director of Product

  • Riccardo

    Riccardo Boscolo VP of Data Science

The Board of Directors

John Mracek Chief Executive Officer

As NetSeer’s fearless leader, John has seen his fair share of the digital media evolution. John joined NetSeer from, where he ran the company’s ad network, business development, and merchant sales as VP and general manager of distributed commerce. Prior, he managed ad products and the introduction of Yahoo SmartAds as VP of advertising products at Yahoo!. Previous roles included CEO at Covia, president of AdKnowledge, and executive posts and entrepreneurial residencies at market-leaders, Adobe and Apple Computer. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT. Little known fact: back in the Jurassic Era of videogames, Mr. Mracek programmed the Atari Game Phoenix for the Atari 2600 system.

Dr. Vwani RoychowdhuryCo-founder and Chief Scientist

Vwani is NetSeer’s spiritual guide and data guru. His work is at the heart of NetSeer’s groundbreaking ConceptGraph. Vwani is an information sleuth with a problem-solving approach that combines various disciplines: learning theory and systems, statistical modeling of large-scale information networks, artificial neural networks, bioinformatics, quantum computing, nanoelectronics, graph theory, computational complexity theory and combinatorics. Outside of NetSeer, he teaches a highly popular course on Big Data as a professor of electrical engineering at UCLA. As an internationally recognized researcher with several U.S. patents under his belt, Vwani’s insights have appeared in The BBC, Scientific American, The Guardian and other respected publications. He received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Vwani is an artful and engaging conversationalist, and literally has a story for any topic you might throw his way.

Terry OpdendykONSET Ventures

Terry Opdendyk brings more than three decades of expertise working with promising information and medical technology start-ups to the NetSeer board. Since Terry founded ONSET Ventures in 1984, he has helped guide start-ups from initial concepts to world-class companies. He currently serves on the boards of public and private companies, such as Adaptive Planning, APX, Arcot Systems, Callidus Software, Nektar Therapeutics, Oddmobb, Sentilla and Truviso. Prior to ONSET, he was president of VisiCorp, where he grew the software publishing company into an industry leader. Early in his career, Terry worked as a technical manager for Hewlett-Packard and later headed Intel Corporation’s microcomputer systems business and microprocessor development activities.

David CarlickIndependent Director

David Carlick is a digital media veteran, serving as an independent director and/or advisor to a variety of companies. In addition to Netseer, he is currently serving as a director at Adventure Capital (Australian seed stage venture fund and incubator), Aplicor (SaaS solution for midsized distribution companies), MediaSmith (boutique media buying agency), and Summit Wireless (wireless home theater platform). He is Interim President of WiSA (the Wireless Speaker and Audio standards organization). Previous board engagements include Ask Jeeves, sold to IAC in 2005; Chairman Intermix Media (parent of MySpace) acquired by News Corp 2005; founding director, International Network Services (IPO 1997, acquired by Lucent 1999), and director and Chairman at ReachLocal (from early stage investment through IPO) acquired by Gannett. David’s experience further includes founding Carlick Advertising, which provided advertising services for a number of notable Silicon Valley startups through IPO. Carlick Advertising and the DBM Group (the subsidiary for trackable advertising and lead generation) were later acquired by Poppe Tyson. While at Poppe Tyson, he co-founded, which merged with Modem Media to IPO as Modem Media Poppe Tyson, and DoubleClick, which merged with Interactive Advertising Corporation and spun out, went public, and was ultimately acquired by Google.