NetSeer’s founding members first met at UCLA, while working on a variety of scientific research projects. That our core technology is tied to applied mathematics and statistical physics makes perfect sense. What’s more unusual, however, are our roots in genetic research.

Several members of the NetSeer team have worked in the field of functional genomics, built upon the success of the Human Genome Project. The genome project was designed to map all basic building blocks of an organism: its genes. This is akin to enumerating all the “keywords” of an unknown language where a treasure trove of text exists, but no dictionary to understand them.

Genes, like keywords, seldom work in isolation. Instead, they work together across multiple pathways (“contexts”) to generate the highly complex and diversified system we call nature. Only by documenting the meaningful interactions among the genes are scientists able to make steady progress toward inferring the different functions, or intent, of a cell.

Driven by Human Ideas

The NetSeer tech team took this analogy to its logical conclusion: The Web is a living, evolving entity fundamentally driven by human ideas and expressed through content and actions such as search, pageviews, clicks, and Likes. Just as scientists can decipher a cell’s functions from among hundreds of billions of DNA molecules, NetSeer has created its ConceptGraph to identify patterns inherent in the billions of content pages online.

The result is an organic, predictive engine that emulates human thought patterns to create associations between related ideas and accurately detect the intent behind the content – but in a more natural way.

Our technology team blends academic roots with real-world experience across a broad cross-section of disciplines spanning search, complex networks, bioinformatics, robotics and other scientific arenas. But at the end of the day, we just think of ourselves as exceptional detectives. Unearthing intent to make campaigns perform better for advertisers, and drive new revenue for publishers.